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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

24 Hour Service. Call Anytime!



Zone Control Services in Raleigh, NC

Central air conditioners are great—we’re not here to debate that. There’s just one thing that can really set back your air conditioning services and that’s the limitation of this type of system. Think about it: if you’re sitting in your bedroom, you’re sweating, and you’d like to cool down, you’re going to have to turn on your air conditioning system and cool off your entire home.

Normally, this isn’t a problem, it’s probably what you’re used to after all. The issue is that there is a better way to do this and that’s a zone controlled system. Zoning gives you the ability to shut off certain areas of your ductwork system and only have the parts you need receive airflow. A zone control system can revolutionize your home.

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What’s a Zone Control System?

You probably know the basics of a zone control system. You might even be able to assume what this system does because of the name. But do you know the details? We’re going to get into them for you. A zone control system is designed to grant a much finer degree of control over the indoor climate of your home.

Zone control works by installing a series of dampers through the ductwork in your home. Your dampers open if you want an area to receive conditioned air or close if you want this area of your home to remain at its current temperature. Each "zone" of your home has its own individual thermostat installed so you can control this system independently from the other zones. There is a master thermostat as well so that you can cool your entire home when necessary.

How Zone Control Systems Help Your Home

So what are the benefits of zone control systems?

  • Energy Conservation: Zone controlled systems allow you to shut off the flow of heating or cooling to your unused rooms. This allows you to conserve a significant amount of energy every single year. Conserving energy takes the strain off your AC system and even allows you to save money.
  • Cost Savings: Saving energy means you’re saving money. A zone control system is liberating because it allows you to cool the spaces you need rather than the ones that you have to. Consider this option if you want a cost-effective heating and cooling system.
  • Customized Comfort: Do you and your family members bicker over the setting of your thermostat? A zone control system gives you personalized comfort. If you’re perfectly cool in your upstairs bedroom but your family is sweltering in the downstairs living room, they can cool that space without leaving you freezing.

Quality HVAC Services Since 2013

We offer truly comprehensive zone control services. If you’re interested in zoning your home, our professionals can help you achieve optimal results. We always strive for perfection because we’re so committed to quality and safety.

Our technicians at Sloan Service Company, Inc. are celebrated. They’re NATE-certified, experienced, and always friendly. They’ve helped our company achieve the Angie’s List Super Service Award consecutively since 2014 and an A+ BBB rating. We only pair our superior labor with zone control dampers and systems from reputable brands by Honeywell. Contact our team today to learn more about these systems.

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