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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

24 Hour Service. Call Anytime!



Vehicle Charging Station Installations in Raleigh, NC

Do you own an electric or plug in vehicle? These types of cars are great! They get great mileage to the gallon, they help with energy conservation, and they do their part to protect the environment. It really doesn’t matter whether you have a hybrid electric car or a fully electric car, you’re going to need a vehicle charging station in your home to get the best from this system.

Sure, you could rely on recharging stations in public facilities to charge your car, but this can leave you vulnerable to running out of energy. Not all electricians in our area stay up to date with the latest in electrical work. Our team has all the training and education to perfectly service these systems. Make sure you choose Sloan Service Company, Inc. for your car charging station installation and service.

Ready to install a vehicle charging station in the Raleigh-Triangle Area? Contact the Heating, Cooling, & Electrical Experts.

A Vehicle Charging Station Is Great for Your Home

If you have an electric vehicle, you know that you can charge your electric vehicle with a standard wall outlet. This is convenient in a bind, but it’s frustratingly slow any other time. You’re going to have to wait around 12 to 18 hours to get your car fully charged. Imagine having to work a 12 to 18-hour charging time into your weekly schedule. Raleigh is a city that you need a car to get around in. If you opt for an EV charging station installation you can charge your vehicle in about 4 to 8 hours.

A car charging station can really change the way you live your life. Convenience doesn’t always have to be a luxury. Sometimes, it’s really necessary for you to live your life effectively.

We Specialize in Vehicle Charging Installation Services

There are a variety of different charging stations that you can choose from. There are two basic models: either a freestanding unit or a wall mounted unit. If you’ve had a hybrid or electric vehicle for a while, you might remember the bulky charging stations of years past. Your vehicle charging station doesn’t have to work this way now though. You can have a small, sleek, unobtrusive system in your home. Make sure that you have a professional team install this system for you. We understand how important these systems are for your vehicle and our technicians have all the right training and expertise. Contact us today.

Raleigh’s Preferred Electricians

We’re proud of the work we do here at Sloan Service Company, Inc. In fact, we’re so proud that we offer free estimates and a 1-year warranty on all our electrical installations. Electrical services aren’t something that you should ever try to perform on your own. Electrical services always have the potential to become dangerous without the right experience and training. That’s why we have a team of experienced technicians to service your home. Your comfort is our top priority. It’s why we’re a decorated team that has an Angie’s List A Customer rating and an A+ rating with the BBB.

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