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Which HVAC System Is The Best Choice for You?

Monday, January 18th, 2021

It may be a new year but there are some things that don’t change. One thing that hasn’t changed much in recent months is the need to stay home and avoid large gatherings. The other thing that hasn’t changed is that when you are spending extra time at home, you will want to have a reliable system for heating in Durham, NC.

Maybe you’ve been getting by with a space heater and you are finally ready to invest in a good heating system. If so, you have more than one option to choose from. We’ve listed your heating system options here so you have a good idea of which one may be the best match for your home’s needs.

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Is It Time To Re-Do Your Wiring?

Monday, January 4th, 2021

You get zapped when plugging items into a certain outlet. Or maybe you’ve noticed lights in one or more of the rooms in your home are flickering a lot. Whatever the source, you have noticed something that seems off with your home’s electrical system—specifically with your wiring.

Before you head to the local hardware store to try a DIY solution, we’d like to let you know that we have a trained professional electrician in Durham, NC who can help you. Not only can they identify the source of the issue, but they can get it fixed too! Let us help you get a solution that will fix the issue without adding more complications down the road.

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Improve Your Comfort with an ERV System

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

We live in North Carolina, so when someone brings up the idea of humidity the first thought that comes to mind is trying to do everything possible escape it. The levels of moisture in the air in our state can often make it feel as if you are swimming from place to place, especially during the height of summer, and uncomfortable is describing this weather pattern lightly.

But what if humidity could help your comfort?

We know, it is a strange idea. Like we said, most of the people in our state spend a lot of time trying to get rid of the humidity in their homes. So why would you ever want to bring more in?

Because it can, in fact, boost your comfort. Specifically, when you are heating your home, humidity can make a big difference in how warm your home gets and for how long. And you can balance out your home humidity level with the help of an Energy Recovery Ventilator.

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Update Your Electric Panel For the Holidays

Monday, December 9th, 2019

This time of year can be quite magical. Twinkling lights are everywhere you look and cute music is playing in every store. What is much less magical, however, is when you go to plug in a string of holiday lights or another piece of electrical holiday decor and the outlets shoots out sparks or, worse, trips a circuit breaker.

If you have noticed things like this occurring during your holiday decoration routine, there is a strong chance that you need to reach out and schedule Durham electrical services. Why? Because scheduling an appointment to have your electrical system checked is the best way to avoid further or worsening problems!

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