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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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What an Air Purifier Can Actually Do


Chances are that, whether from friends or from a local news story, you’ve heard about air purifiers. These indoor air quality systems, especially the ones that use ultraviolet light, have been the talk of the town—and a majority of the country—in recent months. We are all for it because we already knew that these were great additions for any home that needed to improve its air quality.

If you are still new to the discussion about indoor air quality systems, we are happy to fill you in. Let us give you some of the details on air purifiers and what these wonderful systems can do for your home’s indoor air quality, your comfort, and your health.

The Types of Air Purification Systems

There are two key types of air purifiers available to most people today. The first is an electric air purifier and the second is an ultraviolet light purifier. As you can probably guess, these two systems use two different methods to clean the air in a home. What remains the same is their ability to improve your indoor air quality and comfort in an effective manner.

Electric air purifiers operate by essentially charging the particles in the air flowing through your ducts. This allows them to draw unwanted contaminants to a magnetized metal plate where they will remain until the plate is cleaned off. This allows the system to literally remove airborne particles that you would rather keep out of your home.

In contrast, a UV purifier utilizes ultraviolet light to do its job. This allows it to either breakdown and destroy certain contaminants or alter the contaminant’s genetic code so it is unable to reproduce, rendering it as harmless as dust. As you can imagine, the UV purifier is a great ally against contaminants like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

The Benefits of an Air Purification System

Air purifiers come with some great benefits. Installing a whole-house air purification system is going to provide you with perks that include:

  • Improved indoor air quality: Less dust and debris in the air in your home means much better IAQ.
  • Improved home comfort: Clean air can help you feel more comfortable.
  • Better HVAC system operation: When your AC isn’t battling with heavy dust levels, it can cool things off more easily.
  • A reduction in respiratory irritants: Fewer contaminants in the air mean lower chances of having triggering asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues.
  • Extra protection against sickness: Purifiers can help protect against viruses and bacteria that may otherwise put you at risk of getting sick.

Are you interested in adding an air purifier in Cary, NC to your home? If so, we are here to provide the services you need. A professional from our team will be happy to pair you with the best IAQ system to meet your needs and get it properly installed in short order.

Contact Sloan Service Company, Inc. to schedule an appointment. We are the Heating, Cooling, & Electrical Experts of the Raleigh Triangle.

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