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Improve Your Comfort with an ERV System


We live in North Carolina, so when someone brings up the idea of humidity the first thought that comes to mind is trying to do everything possible escape it. The levels of moisture in the air in our state can often make it feel as if you are swimming from place to place, especially during the height of summer, and uncomfortable is describing this weather pattern lightly.

But what if humidity could help your comfort?

We know, it is a strange idea. Like we said, most of the people in our state spend a lot of time trying to get rid of the humidity in their homes. So why would you ever want to bring more in?

Because it can, in fact, boost your comfort. Specifically, when you are heating your home, humidity can make a big difference in how warm your home gets and for how long. And you can balance out your home humidity level with the help of an Energy Recovery Ventilator.

What is an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is a system that has one goal and uses two focuses to accomplish that goal. The goal: increase your home’s comfort by improving its indoor air quality. Its two ways of doing this: by bringing in fresh air that has been pre-warmed, and by also bringing in moisture from the outside air.

Why Fresh Air?

You go to all of this effort to make sure that the air in your home is cleaned, filtered and warmed. Why would you want to bring in air from outside your home, especially when it is cold out?

Like we said above, an ERV system pre-warms the fresh air that is coming into your home. It also filters it so that it won’t be bringing in any allergens or dust. The goal of an ERV is to better your indoor air quality (IAQ) by bringing in fresh and clean air.

Why Humidity?

The question of the hour remains why in the world you would want to increase the humidity levels in your home. The answer is because it improves both your comfort and your IAQ. How? We’ll explain.

  • Comfort: Humidity helps your comfort by assisting you heater in its effort to keep you warm. Moisture holds heat much better than dry air so when you increase the humidity in your home a little bit, your home will stay warmer for longer.
  • IAQ: Humidity can help your IAQ in the right amounts too. This is because overly dry air in your home can harm your respiratory health and can even harm your home as it drys out wood furniture.

Discover How Humidity Can Help You

Interested in learning how humidity can help your comfort during the colder months of the year? Our Durham HVAC company can help! We can answer the questions you have and can work with you to develop solutions to improve your home comfort.

Contact the Heating, Cooling, & Electrical Experts of Sloan Service today to discover how we can help you optimize your home comfort.

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