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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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When to Update Your Electrical Panel

Your home’s electrical panel may not be on your mind until there is a blackout or you have a problem with an outlet or appliance. That said, you usually don’t want to wait to upgrade your electrical panel until there is an issue in your home.

You need to know what the signs are that you need to get an upgrade to your panel. If your panel is already up-to-date and working well, you don’t want to schedule a service you don’t need. Consider these indicators that you might need an electrical panel upgrade and, if you do, contact our licensed electricians in Clayton, NC to get the job done.

When Do You Know You Need to Upgrade an Electrical Panel

These are some of the issues that are indicators you should upgrade your electrical panel in the near future:

1. Issues with faulty wiring

Faulty wiring is just as concerning as it sounds–after all, it is a leading cause of electrical fires in homes across the country. If you notice flickering lights, encounter shocks frequently when touching appliances, notice a regular burning smell, or see discolored outlets, it is likely that you need to have an electrician inspect your electrical panel.

2. You still have fuses

A fuse is for one-time use and burns out in order to prevent a short circuit or electrical overload. While fuses are helpful in keeping your home safe they are outdated at this point, having been made for a time when homes didn’t have the electrical demands that they have now. If you are still using fuses, it is past time that you upgrade your electrical panel for something safer and more effective.

3. You are upgrading appliances

If you have a home in which you need to upgrade some of your appliances such as an air conditioner or refrigerator, it may mean that you need to check out your electrical panel too. There is a chance that an older electrical panel won’t have the ability to keep up with your new appliance, which means there will be a short circuit anytime you try to use it. If your electrical panel can’t meet the demands of your new appliances, you need an upgrade.

4. Reducing power surges

Your electrical panel is meant to break off the electrical connection in your home in order to prevent electrical fires and keep you safe. This means however that if your panel is on the older side and can only handle a smaller amount of amps, power surges may be a common problem. An electrical panel upgrade can help to resolve this issue and keep you safer as well.

5. Insurance benefits

Did you know that a home that still has a fuse box, or has an older electrical panel that can’t handle more than 60 amps, isn’t going to be able to be insured in many cases? It’s true! An upgrade to your panel can help you keep your home insurance and can also give you a discount.

Need to upgrade your electrical panel? Leave it to the Heating, Cooling, & Electrical Experts at Sloan Service Company, Inc. Contact us today.

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