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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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Be Smart About Home Automation

Have you toured any new homes recently? If you have, you probably noticed how many of them offer the ability to test out their new smart home automation systems. The developers want to make sure you understand just how easy life can be when you hook up different aspects of your home to an automated system that helps you control everything from lighting, to internal temperature, to how high or low the shades are on the kitchen windows.

In all truth, walking through new home models with these types of functions feels akin to walking through a home of the future. However, these are the home automation options we can enjoy now. And, even better, you can enjoy a lot of the nifty perks of having a smarter home without having to buy a brand new one.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation refers to a connected system that gives you the ability to better monitor and control parts of your home. For example, an automated system can be taught to adjust the indoor temperature of a home to maximize efficiency while keeping things temperate.

Individuals can choose to opt for different levels of home automation, ranging from simply having a thermostat that they can easily control from their phone to having an interconnected network that used everything from your lights to your window shades to your thermostat to optimize the comfort of your home environment.

The great thing here is that almost anyone has the option to set up a smart home system. By investing in the correct technology and connecting everything to a hub, people can enjoy a fully customizable system that they can control from their smart devices.

Why Opt for Automation?

Home automation systems provide people with the ability to better monitor their energy usage. This means that it can help them save money that might otherwise be spent on things like lights needing to be left on, or letting the AC run.

As an added bonus, home automation can also help you pinpoint if and when you need to call for repairs to your HVAC because it will let you know when energy use is spiking unnecessarily.

Can I Automate My Home Systems Myself?

It can be tempting to try to save money by looking up a how-to video online so you can do the job yourself. But when you are looking at connecting your home systems, you are going to be dealing with the wiring and electrical systems in your home. For your safety and for the welfare of your home’s electrical systems, it is much better to leave this work to a trained, professional electrician.

If you are interested in investing in making your home a little smarter, you want to work with professional electricians like those at Sloan Service. Our home automation services in Raleigh, NC will have your home feeling downright futuristic, fast.

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