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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

24 Hour Service. Call Anytime!



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3 Electrical Upgrades for Your Safety


The electrical system in your house is something that no one would want to have to go without. From the ability to enjoy reliable light to cooking your food without the need for gas or even just knowing you can keep your laptop charged, the systems behind our electrical appliances are a big part of our modern lives.

When something goes wrong with a part of your electrical system it will require the skill of trained electricians in Holly Springs, NC to fix the issue. This is especially true if you need help with electrical services that might impede the safety of your home.

3 Electrical Upgrades to Consider for Your Safety

It is important to keep your electrical systems in good working order. These are three upgrades you may want to schedule an appointment for to ensure your safety and keep your home running the way it is meant to.

  1. Electrical panel upgrades: The electrical panel in your home is responsible for monitoring and distributing electricity throughout the building. If your electrical panel is out of date, or if you still have a fuse box, an upgrade is going to be a good idea. A newer panel may be able to better handle larger amounts of energy, reducing the chances of a short circuit or damage to the electrical appliances.
  2. Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector upgrades: Your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are incredibly important to your home. These systems are meant to pick up on threats to your safety caused by smoke or carbon monoxide created by fire or gas leaks. If you have old detectors, you will want to have them replaced with newer ones to ensure you and your family are kept safe no matter what. We can also hardwire these systems so they don’t require batteries to operate.
  3. Electrical rewiring: Bad wiring is going to cause a lot of problems in your home, from faulty lighting to appliances that won’t work at all. If your home’s wiring was poorly done (something we often see when people try to do their wiring themselves) or is worn out from age, or if you are remodeling the home, rewiring will be important to ensure your safety and keep your home’s electrical systems working correctly.

The Difference That a Trained Electrician Makes

If you need to upgrade your electrical systems, or you are looking to install or replace an electrical system in your home, you should always reach out to trained electricians for help. The electricians on our team are the ones who can perform the work you need. We have the tools, training, and experience necessary to get every electrical job taken care of without a hassle.

The team at Sloan Service Company, Inc. is always striving for perfection with every job we do. We are the Heating, Cooling, & Electrical Experts you can trust in the Raleigh Triangle area.

Contact Sloan Service Company, Inc. to schedule your next appointment. We will keep your home safe and working well.

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