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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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The Details on Dual Fuel Heating


When you live in a place like Chapel Hill, heating your home can be tricky. Do you opt for energy efficiency and year-round comfort with a heat pump, or do you choose a furnace to ensure that you are kept warm no matter how cold it may get? What if you didn’t have to choose?

While not commonly discussed, there is an option that allows you to enjoy the benefits of both the energy efficiency of a heat pump and the strength of a furnace. Its a dual fuel system and it might be exactly what you are looking for to solve your home heating problems.

What is a Dual Fuel Heating System?

A dual fuel system is as straight-forward as it sounds: it is a heating system that combines two types of heating fuel sources to provide reliable comfort throughout the winter. In this case, it is the combination of an electric heat pump and a natural gas burning furnace.

How Does a Dual Fuel System Work?

A dual fuel system brings together the operation of a heat pump and a furnace and allows them to work as one unit as needed. What this means is that, when things get chilly and you go to your thermostat to request some warmth, your heat pump is going to kick on first and get things going. However, if the temps drop too low and your heat pump starts having trouble, it won’t be able to produce reliable warmth in an efficient manner–and this is where your furnace comes in. Where your heat pump struggles, your furnace picks up the slack due to its ability to produce effective heating no matter how low the temperatures drop.

Benefits of a Dual Fuel Heater

So what are some benefits of a dual fuel heating system? We are happy to share!

  • Cost-effectiveness: Your heat pump runs on electricity making it extremely energy efficient. Meanwhile, your furnace uses natural gas which is also a highly efficient fuel source. Add these together and you are going to get the best heating comfort for the money you pay.
  • Comfort all year: Because a dual fuel system uses a heat pump, you can enjoy its ability to offer you both heating and cooling power throughout the year.
  • Reliability: No matter how cold it gets, your dual fuel system should be able to keep you comfortable without costing you an arm and a leg.

Interested in taking advantage of this incredible heating system? If so, you can trust the team at Sloan Service Company, Inc. with your Chapel Hill heating services.

We install Mitsubishi ductless systems to ensure you are getting the best quality brand out there for your heat pump so you can enjoy a reliable dual-fuel system. What’s more, we also provide effective and professional maintenance and repairs to make sure that you are going to get the best operation and the longest lifespan from your heater as well.

Contact the Heating, Cooling, & Electrical Experts. to get started.

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