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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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Is Your Heater on Its Way Out?


Replacing your heating system is no easy feat. You do need a working heating system but when your long-standing furnace heater begins to struggle, it is easy to understand why anyone might hesitate before hopping online to shop for their next unit. After all, replacements are pricey, to say the least.

We know how important your heating system is to your home, but we also get why you’d want to avoid a replacement. We want you to avoid a replacement too–it is it too early. An early replacement wastes your money and that isn’t something you deserve.

The best way to avoid an early replacement is to know exactly what the signs are that indicate when you do need a new heater. This allows you to be prepared and informed so you know exactly what heating services in Chapel Hill, NC you need to contact us about.

What Are the Warning Signs?

You deserve to know what the signs are that warn you when you should start considering a new heating system. We want you to be informed so we have listed them for you:

#1. Your Heater’s Age

The first sign you should consider a new heater is the age of your system. Yes, age is just a number but in this case, it is a very important one. If your heating system is 15-years-old or older, you should really reach out to a professional to discuss a replacement in the near future.

#2. Your Heater’s Performance

When your heater struggles to create heat or isn’t making any heat at all, there is little point in keeping the unit around. You can’t exactly call it a heater if it doesn’t do what it is built for. Your best choice is to bundle up and call in a professional to see if this is due to a minor repair need or if it is better to simply get the unit replaced.

#3. Your Utility Bills

Yes, your utility bills are going to fluctuate based on when and how much you use your heater. However, your bills shouldn’t make you question whether you should ever turn your heater back on again. If you have bills that skyrocket out of seemingly nowhere, it is likely due to a malfunction with your unit causing it to suck up and excess of energy and fuel to do its job.

#4. Your Repair Costs

While your repairs certainly aren’t going to be free, they also shouldn’t be exponentially high. A good rule of thumb to remember when dealing with your HVAC system is that if a repair is going to cost you an amount equal to half or more of what it would cost for a new system, it is better to just opt for the new system. At that point it is similar to having a totaled car–the fix isn’t worth it!

We hope that these key signs will help you feel a little more prepared moving forward. And, if you are ever unsure of what is happening with your heating system, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sloan Service Company, Inc. Our professional service technicians are happy to help you figure out what is going on with your heater and decide on what your best course of action should be.

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