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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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Your Heating Season Preparation Checklist


Was that a mildly cool breeze you just felt? It may have been, or it may have been someone driving by with an unusually powerful AC system in their vehicle. Either way, that little blast of chilly air made you think about your heating system.

With the holidays and somewhat cooler nights just around the corner, it is a good time to start thinking about this part of your home comfort system. Having your heater in mind now means you are likely to think about the potential that it might need a check-up before you turn it on for the first time in months.

But what is a homeowner to do to make sure that their heater is properly prepared for the heating season? We have the answer for you in the form of a nice, manageable checklist. On top of that, we can offer our services for heater maintenance in Raleigh, NC.

It is Time For a Heater Check-Up

As North Carolina begins to shift into its cooler months, it is time to check on your heater to make sure it will be running smoothly when you need it most. That is why we have provided you with this nifty little checklist to help you do a quick check on your system and see if you need to reach out to a professional for heating maintenance or repairs.

Your Heater Maintenance Checklist

  1. Turn up your thermostat a few degrees above the current temperature within the house to see if your system kicks on correctly. If it seems to have trouble starting up or doesn’t turn on at all, you may have a problem with your thermostat, your heater, or both.
  2. While doing your “test run” of your heater, listen for strange sounds like rattling, screeching, clanging or banging. These noises can indicate the presence of loose or broken parts, debris in the ducts, leaks and other issues.
  3. Check on the airflow coming from your vents. Is it all the same airflow level? If yes, great! If no, you will want to have someone check your system for blockages in your ducts, debris around your vents, or other issues that could be hindering airflow.
  4. Check your air filters to see if they need to be cleaned. An air filter that is coated with dust and dirt needs to be cleaned or replaced, otherwise, it will hinder your heater’s ability to supply you with hot air.
  5. Test the temperature of the air coming out of your vents. Is it warm or cold? If it is cold, your heater may have issues with its ability to produce warm air, which is another sign it needs a tune-up before you really put it to use.
  6. Check on your outside unit to see if you notice any build-up around it, rusted parts, broken connections or other problems that could hinder its ability to keep your home warm.
  7. Last but not least, reach out to your local HVAC service professionals to schedule a visit. Having a trained technician give your system a once-over is always best because even if you are as thorough as possible, these professionals are more likely to notice potential issues that the layman would never notice.

Contact Sloan Service today to schedule your heating system services. Whether you need maintenance or emergency services, we are here for you.

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