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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

24 Hour Service. Call Anytime!



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Does Your Heater Need a Repair?


We know that the cold weather around here may not feel like much when compared to what our northern neighbors encounter. This doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to enjoy warm and comfortable homes! As the temperatures around here get cooler, we are going to start to rely on our heaters more and more. Inevitably, this may lead to some issues popping up.

Even if you’ve been careful to schedule maintenance for your heating system, there is a chance that it may need a repair later on this year. If that is the case, your best option is to reach out to our team for your heating system repair in Knightdale. Just be on the lookout for these warning signs that something is wrong with your heater so you know when to contact us.

3 Warning Signs Your Heater Needs Repairs

There is more than one way to tell that your heating system needs to be repaired. It is a good idea to learn what these warning signs are so you can get your repairs scheduled in a timely manner.

  1. Your energy bills are too high. If the monthly dues on your gas and/or electricity bills are getting to be too high, you shouldn’t brush it off. Some changes in your monthly bills are normal because they will fluctuate based on your use of your system. However, large spikes in your bills are a sign of trouble with the heater’s ability to efficiently use energy to make warmth for your home. The sooner you get this issue fixed, the better for your comfort and your bills.
  2. Your system is making strange noises. No heater will be absolutely silent. But this doesn’t mean any sound your system makes is normal. If you pick up on any strange noises coming from your heating system like rattling, screeching, banging, hissing, or other sounds, you should reach out for repairs as soon as you can before things get worse.
  3. You have trouble heating your home. This one can come in a few different forms, to be honest. Maybe your heater isn’t producing heat as well as it used to. Maybe it is creating heat but the airflow in or out of the heater is too weak to impact the temperature in the house. Or perhaps there is a problem with the reading from or connection with your thermostat. Whatever it is, if you notice that your heater isn’t able to heat your house as well as it did before, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals to get it fixed.

Professional Heating Repairs Ensure Your Comfort

When your heating system is struggling to do its job, you will want to reach out to a professional for repairs. A professional technician from Sloan Service Company, Inc. will arrive at your home ready to address whatever the problem is in your heater. Every team member is licensed and NATE-certified meaning we have the expertise needed to get the job done right.

Schedule your heating repairs with the Heating, Cooling, & Electrical Experts of Raleigh.

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