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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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5 Possible Fixes For Your Heater


The sun has been making its appearance every once in a while now, and in the coming months, our heaters will finally get a break. However, as we look ahead to seasons full of warmth and sunshine, it doesn’t mean we should forget about taking care of our heating systems.

Falls, winter and early spring are when we use our heaters the most and with extended use comes wear and tear. And you know what wear and tear create: repair needs. Maybe you are lucky and your heater only needs some maintenance to make it through the rest of this season and keep you comfy into 2021. However, if your heater is starting to struggle, you should probably consider reaching out for heating repair in Clayton, NC.

Let’s take a look at some potential fixes that your heating system might need.

Five Repair Needs For Your Heater

Some repair needs are system-specific while others can be general and apply to almost every heater. Below we’ve listed # that we think you should know about.

#1 – Your filter is clogged

Your filter is responsible for capturing dirt, dust, fur and other debris before they enter your heater or your home. When this part of your heating system becomes too clogged with contaminants, it can affect your heater’s ability to produce warm air. Thankfully, this can be remedied by changing out or cleaning your filter.

#2 – There is a disconnect between your thermostat and your heater

In some cases, the issue with your heater may not be your heater itself but your thermostat. If and when a thermostat becomes miscalibrated it can affect how often your heater runs, how long it runs, or if it runs at all. A disconnect in the wiring can also lead to a heater that no longer receives commands leaving you chilly. Make sure you have your HVAC technician check on your thermostat when you call them over.

#3 – There is a problem with your blower fan

When your heater produces heat, it is pumped into your home with the help of a blower fan. However, if there is a malfunction with your fan or with the blower fan motor, this vital part of your system won’t be able to do its job. A trained technician can check the fan and tighten loose joints, fix motor problems and replace broken parts.

#4 – Furnace specific: Your burners won’t ignite

A gas-burning furnace needs to be able to ignite its burners in order to burn its natural gas fuel and create warmth. When your furnace has build-up around its burners however it may struggle to ignite them or won’t be able to ignite them at all. You can imagine the detriment this can have on your comfort and your furnace’s operation! Make sure you contact a professional to clean your burners if you notice your furnace can’t produce heat.

#5 – Heat pump specific: Your reversing valve is stuck

If you have a heat pump you have the benefit of one system that creates both cool and warm air thanks to the handy reversing valve within it. If your reversing valve breaks or becomes stuck though, your heat pump will only be able to cool your home. This can make for a pretty frigid season! OR, if your heat pump is stuck in heating mode, summertime will become quite uncomfortable. Contact a pro to fix this issue fast.

Contact Sloan Service Compant, Inc. now to get your heater back into working order.

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