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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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Sloan Service Company, Inc. Blog

Ways to Tell Your AC Is About to Go

Contrary to some popular beliefs, air conditioners don’t last forever. In fact, air conditioners usually have a life expectancy somewhere in between 10 to 15 years. That doesn’t mean that your 20-year-old AC system won’t still work pretty well, all it means is that the average system will start getting less efficient, more expensive, and become a burden on you and your family. However, the story doesn’t end there. AC upgrades can be easy and affordable when you’re collaborating with the right contractor.

With the right combination of great contractor customer service, federal tax credits, manufacturer rebates, and some planning- you can get an affordable AC upgrade. We could talk all day about the benefits of an AC upgrade, but what we’re really here to talk about is when your old or faulty AC is trying to tell you to upgrade. Nobody wants to be stuck on one of the hottest days of the year with a broken down AC that requires an entire AC upgrade in Raleigh, NC.

So let’s get ahead of the curve and talk about when it’s time to upgrade your AC.


As we mentioned earlier, the biggest sign that you are in dire need of an AC upgrade is the age of your old system. If your AC is 20 years old, even if it still works well, it could be much less efficient than a newer model, which is costing you money in the long run. Ask yourself this, is your old AC cooling your home as effectively as it used to? It’s okay to say no to that question, many air conditioners do a less effective job of cooling your home as time goes on.


We briefly touched on efficiency, but it’s a major point to consider when talking about upgrading your air conditioner. A less efficient AC unit will cost you in your utility bills since the AC has to work harder to produce the temperature set on your thermostat. Sure, you could set your thermostat to a higher temperature, but why sacrifice your comfort with a system that’s not doing its job?

Repair Costs and Frequency

A good signal to tell whether your AC is on its way out, is to check how often and expensive your AC repairs are. An older, less effective AC is going to have more problems and cost more money in the long run than a newer model. A great rule of thumb to keep in mind, is if the total cost of your air conditioning repairs is more than half the cost of a brand new AC- you should definitely consider an upgrade. Don’t just look at price tags for the units, consider how much you’ll be paying in repairs, maintenance, and energy costs.

Help Is Available

Check with a  technician about what newer, more efficient air conditioners, can give you a deduction when tax season comes around. Not only that, but manufacturers often offer rebates on newer models that run more efficiently than their old ones.

If you’ve got any questions about an AC upgrade, contact Sloan Service Company Inc.

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