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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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The Importance of Professional AC Installation


First impressions are everything and you always want to get started on the right foot when you meet someone. How you start certain relationships or projects is obviously important. This, of course, applies to your air conditioner. Whether you are replacing an old system or bringing in a different system altogether (ex. central AC to a ductless heat pump) you should know that installation is one of the most important air conditioning services in Garner, NC.

AC installation can actually make or break the operation of your system throughout the course of its lifespan. There is a reason that we tell everyone that professional installation is so important. If this job isn’t done right, you are in for a lot of trouble come summertime!

Why Professional Installation?

You probably want details on what kind of a difference professional installation services can make in comparison to trying to have an amateur get the system installed or even attempting to DIY the job. Professional service makes a huge difference in the following ways.

  • Better system operation: When you hire a professional you will enjoy the benefit of having a new system that operates the way it is supposed to simply because your technician knows everything that has to be done and how to get it done right. This means they ductwork is connected properly and the system is correctly sized under the eye of a technician who knows what they are looking for.
  • Longer lifespan: When a pro sets up your new system you can rest easiest knowing that you are going to be kept comfortable for the next decade at a minimum. With a professional’s skill, your system will be set up properly so that it will be able to enjoy a good long lifespan, rather than barely getting to the eight-year mark because something wasn’t done right.
  • Fewer repairs: Proper installation by a trained technician will help your system handle the regular wear and tear that it will encounter throughout its operational lifespan. Translation: professional installation will reduce the number of repairs that your A/C system needs.

What Makes a Professional Different?

What is it that makes a professional HVAC technician a better choice for your HVAC services? A professional is trained and certified to do what they do because they have to know exactly how to get everything done correctly. A reliable technician is going to know how to handle just about every system on the market, and how to keep it in good shape from the time it is installed all the way until it needs to be replaced.

What’s more, a professional with the right training is going to be able to be insured. This means that, even if a mistake were to happen, your system is protected. In contrast, a DIY job that leads to a big problem just leaves you without an A/C and out of your financial investment.

When you need a team of reliable professionals that can make sure your air conditioning installation is done correctly, contact Sloan Service. We are your Heating, Cooling, & Electrical Experts.

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