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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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Make Sure Your Heat Pump is Ready to Switch Modes


You want to keep your home as comfortable as possible all year long, right? To do that, you need reliable systems to heat and cool your home as the weather changes. Or, you could enjoy that comfort being provided by just one system: your heat pump mini split.

Thanks to a little part called a reversing valve, your heat pump can switch the direction that its refrigerant flows so that, rather than absorbing heat, it releases heat into your home. This is a unique ability that you shouldn’t take for granted. Use the tips listed here to help prepare your heat pump to switch modes this season.

3 Ways To Prep Your Heat Pump

Your heat pump offers you the option of using one system to both heat and cool your home. This means less space needed to ensure your comfort and less money spent overall for the installation of a system that can keep you comfortable.

  1. Make sure to switch out or clean your filter. All too often, homeowners around here forget to change out the filters on their heat pump. This can be a big problem for both heating and cooling your home! Make sure you take the time to check and change out your heat pump’s filters if they are dirty. If you have reusable filters, the same advice still appliances—just make sure to clean them off rather than disposing of them.
  2. Do a test run to check the reversing valve. The best way to check if a system in your home is working properly is to do a test run with it. Wait until things cool off one night and switch your heat pump into “heating” mode. Set the temperature on the thermostat a few degrees higher and take note of any issues with the way your system runs. If your heat pump isn’t able to switch modes, you may have a problem with the reversing valve.
  3. Schedule heat pump maintenance. Scheduling air conditioning maintenance in Raleigh, NC often seems far more pressing than scheduling heating maintenance. However, both are vital to your home comfort. A heat pump needs to receive a tune-up both in spring and in fall since this one system does double the work. If you haven’t already, schedule maintenance for your heat pump. In many cases, this service can save you the trouble of struggling with extra repairs and high energy bills.

If you have a heat pump in your home, you should be able to rely on it to keep you as comfortable as possible. Using the tips above, you can give your heat pump a helping hand to ensure that it operates more effectively and efficienctly.

When you start having problems with your mini split heat pump, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Only the professionals on our team will be able to give you the services you need to keep your system in great working condition.

Ensure your comfort this fall by scheduling your next HVAC system service with Sloan Service Company, Inc. We are your Heating, Cooling, & Electrical Experts.

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