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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Experts in the Raleigh Triangle

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Don’t Ignore These AC Noises

It would be amazing if our ACs could talk and let us know when there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. While this could be possible in the near future, you must pay attention to what your AC is telling you by the noises it makes, as they are one of the easiest and obvious indicators of trouble.  

ACs can make a noise every now and then. Although not all of them are alarming, some may indicate that it’s time for repairs.  

Are you curious to know what different kinds of AC noises mean? Here are a few examples to help you identify the problem so that you can call an HVAC technician for air conditioner repair: 


If you hear a rattling sound from the AC’s outer or inner unit, try to inspect the unit for any loose components. This includes nuts and bolts or even foreign objects such as pebbles or debris that may have made their way into the AC.  

If you don’t find a loose component, the chances are that a part might be bent. The fan blades may be bent, causing a rattling sound whenever they hit another component. Or there may be a loose component that is knocking against something. Rattling may also indicate a failing compressor.  

Turn off the AC unit immediately to prevent any damage to your components and call an HVAC technician.  


Buzzing noises may be related to electrical issues. Are your wires old and frayed? Loose junctions might be to blame if the wiring is in prime condition. If you don’t turn off the AC immediately and get it fixed, this use may result in an electrical fire.  

Another possibility for buzzing sounds is that the compressor may be stuck and not moving at all.  

Hissing or Whistling 

Hissing is a normal sound an AC makes when it runs, but if this sound becomes progressively louder and persistent, it may indicate some other issue.  

AC units have tubes, which may develop a hole. The refrigerant may escape through these leaks with extreme pressure, creating a hissing sound. These sounds are often accompanied by gurgling or dripping.  

If the whistling sound is coming from the vents, it might indicate increased airflow in the ducts. If the vent is closed, air may be escaping from thin slits in the dampers. Still, call an HVAC technician to have a look if the problem isn’t fixed.  

Screeching or Shrieking 

High-pitched screeching or shrieking may occur when the AC system is running at maximum speed. This may stem from worn-out bearings that cause friction or problems with the motor. The technician will replace the bearings or simply tune them up to reduce the friction.  

Bottom Line 

Don’t ignore the sounds that your AC makes. Turn off the system before you have a look at the components. Practice proper safety measures or simply call a technician and get the matter off your hands. 

Call Sloan Service Company, Inc. to get AC repair in Raleigh, NC from Heating, Cooling & Electrical Experts.

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